A word from our President

"When I look at the many prestigious achievements involving Multiver in the construction field over 50 years, I am extremely proud of: our ability to innovate; the trusting relations we have built with our business partners; our customized approach with our clients, no matter their size; the efforts made by all our employees to exceed quality standards; our qualified, experienced and available multidisciplinary team; our will to make every necessary effort to meet your requirements.

You can count on the Multiver team to make your projects successful and on our strong support to help you grow and succeed.
- Edgar Cormier, président

Some History

Multiver started in 1966 as a glass distributor. In 1969, the company broke new ground and started manufacturing sealed units, a new process that revolutionized the industry. Throughout the years, Multiver has always moved forward, seizing opportunities to expand its range of products and services to clients. This business vision has enabled Multiver to position itself as a leading and innovative company.

Our Company

Multiver has been in the business for over 50 years and specializes in providing all types of glass products:

- floated glass
- sealed glass units
- tempered glass
- laminated glass
- spandrel glass
- we also offer glass fabrication

We can provide solutions for any residential, commercial or industrial project requiring the use of glass. We serve the North American market through our dedicated truck fleet.


The Team

The technical aspect of glass is complex. Glass requires specific expertise and knowledge. Fortunately, we can count on passionate, skilled people who care about a job well done in all areas:

- factories and production line
- development and innovation
- business management
- customer service
- business development

Our strong team is what makes us experts in the industry.

Committed to Quality and Respect

The whole Multiver team works daily to produce quality insulated units (I.G. units). We are commited, using the highest production and control standards, to meet required deadlines and specifications.


We work hard to develop leading-edge solutions. We recognize that innovation is the key to our clients.

Our Affiliates

In order to diversify our services, we can count on complementary divisions:

- Multiver Laminating Division

Specializing in manufacturing laminated glass as well as hurricane resistant glass, anti aggression and bullet resistant glass.

- Multiver Division Isover

Specializing in manufacturing insulated units (thermos pane) for the residential market.

- Multiver Division Tempered

Specializing in manufacturing tempered safety glass and custom-designed products.